Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pastor John Sheasby

Pastor John Sheasby and the anointing.

Fun study in Hollywood, CA 1.

 Fun Study in Hollywood,Ca 2.

 Fun study in Hollywood 3.

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More Videos by Frank Hammond

More Videos by my Pastor Frank Hammond

Schizophrenia # 1/7 

Schizophrenia # 2/7 

Schizophrenia # 3/7 

 Schizophrenia # 4/7 

 Schizophrenia # 5/7 

 Schizophrenia # 6/7 

 Schizophrenia # 7/7 




Frank Hammond

Deliverance Videos By My Pastor Frank Hammond.

 Conditions of deliverance 

Curse or Blessing


Keeping your Deliverance


Pigs in the Parlor part 2 of 5

 Getting to the Demonic Root of a Problem

The Authority to Cast out Demons 

The Need for Balance - What is flesh and what is demonic? 

 Breaking Curses 

 Fighting Words for Spiritual Warfare 

 The Signs That Should Follow Every Believer