Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Things To Come

Things To Come…

by novusanima
     I see things to come, glimmers and glimpses, as things are revealed to me. Some know of these things and see them, others refuse to know, still others refuse to see.
     Here are some things to come, that God has shown me: already, we are seeing the beginning of storms, violent, dark, and angry. We will see more storms, the like of which we have never seen, before the end of this year and continuing into next.
      Wickedness shall abound, more freely and unchecked than ever before. Evil actions, evil thoughts, evil intentions and deeds, and more innocents targeted by such wickedness.
       In the next few years, a combination of events will unfold to make the people in the United States slaves to those that rule. There will be no visible rich, rather masses of poor who in order to be fed, clothed, and cared for, will consent to a chip that will track their every move and provide for their every need. Those that rebel against this will have safe havens in various places, and they will be hunted as wild beasts.
       There will be war, nuclear, that will poison man, land, air, and sea. Death and unspeakable pain, the like of which has never been seen before, will be considered every day scenes. The suffering will be very dear, and survival rather than life will be paramount.
       Out of this chaos, there will rise a male, not a true man, who will be charasmatic, magnetic, and who will rise very quickly to 'saviour' of the world. His heart will be of stone, full of evil and darkness and lies. He will be satan incarnate, the antichrist.
        These things are coming, and more. However, there is light, always in darkness, and I have a Word from The Lord: I am coming soon, watch and wait for Me, for I Am Coming, and sooner than most think. I have longed for Mine, with a longing you cannot yet understand. I wish for you all to warn of these coming horrors, and to know there is escape In Me. I come soon. Be ready.
       Watch and wait, know these things and more shall surely come to pass. The choice of what to do, now, in this time, is yours...
novusanima | May 21, 2013 at 8:41 AM |

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